A person must be taller than 48″ to ride the slides.

No person heavier than 290 pounds can ride the slides.

Our insurance only allows children who are at least 48” tall to ride the slides.

Slide the Slopes requires all riders to be at least 4 years old and 48” tall. Riders must be 55” tall to ride the lift alone. We restrict lap riding for the safety of all sliders.  Most 4-year olds are able to ride alone, but you must make this decision for your child / dependent, we cannot make this decision for you. 


Yes! We would love to celebrate with you! There are a couple tables outside the lodge that you can use to gather before, during and after your sliding session. No outside food and beverage is allowed. However, we do allow birthday cakes. To really elevate your party, contact Bear Creek Mountain Resort about renting a conference room to party in.


We offer discounts for families of 4 and groups larger than 10. When booking, just look for the “Family 4 Pack” or the “Slopes Group Rate”. The “Family 4 Pack” is a 15% discount only valid for 4 tickets. The “Slopes Group Rate” is a 25% discount for 10 tickets or more.


When you purchase a ticket, you purchase an arrival time and a 2-hour sliding time period.  We space out the arrival times to keep the lines short and give you as much time to ride the slides as possible.  To get in the fastest, sign your waiver in advance!  Directions for the waiver are sent with purchased tickets. 


To book group tickets, visit slidetheslopes.com and click on “book tickets” for Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Select the date and time that work best for you. A pop-up window will appear with different ticket types. Scroll to “Family 4 Pack” or “Slopes Group Rate” depending on how many tickets you are purchasing. Select the amount of tickets and continue to the payment. The family discount is only for 4 tickets and the group discount is for 10 or more.


Your wristbands are valid for 2 hours of sliding, use of the magic carpet, and use of the ski lift.

Shoes are required to ride the slides, magic carpet, and chairlift. You must wear shoes with a strap around the heel that will stay on when riding the chairlift. Teeva’s, Chacos, Crocs and tennis shoes are all great options.


Yes! Lockers are available for rent in the mountain activities center, just across the plaza from ticketing. You can also purchase snacks and souvenirs there! Only credit cards are accepted as payment for lockers.

Yes, there are restrooms in the lodge at the resort you can use to change. They are centrally located just around the corner from ticketing and across the plaza from the lockers.

No outside food and beverage is permitted at the event. There is food and beverage available for purchase at The Grille, Torch and Trail’s End Café. Snacks are available at the Mountain Activity Center.  The food at Bear Creek is GREAT!

We are sorry, but dogs are not allowed on the property. Only service animals are allowed at Bear Creek Mountain Resort. 

Service animals are allowed at the bottom of the slopes but not on the lift, magic carpet or slides. All animals must be properly cleaned up after.

If your session is cancelled or delayed due to severe weather, we will reach out to you to rebook your ticket.
In this situation of event cancellation due to weather, you can request a refund by emailing info@slidetheslopes.com to reschedule.

If your timeslot/day was cancelled, you should have received an email from us (delivered to the email you entered when booking) with a code to rebook tickets for another day.

Email info@slidetheslopes or use the widget on slidetheslopes.com to reschedule your tickets.

Ticketmaster’s system will only allow ticket times to be changed to the same date of the ticket.  (You can make this change for free, up to 24 hours in advance.)  If you need to switch days, send us an email to info@slidetheslopes and we’ll help you through the process. Change fees may apply. 

Yes! We will provide the tubes.

For insurance purposes, riders cannot weigh more than 350lbs . We will not have a scale on the mountain and have not stopped anyone due to weight before. If someone over 350lbs rides the slides and is stopped by a guest, they can email info@slidetheslopes.com for a refund.

The fees applied at check-out are applied by our ticketing provider. Event tickets purchased at the window will have those same fees applied. 


  • “The most fun I’ve had in years! Fast, fun and WET! You can’t beat the thrill of rocketing down the slopes. Thanks again!”

    - John
  • Slide the Slopes was so fun!  The tubes make for a soft ride down the hill, we loved it!

    - Julie
  • Slide the Slopes was the highlight of my summer. As a college kid, trying to make every dollar count, this is the best bang for your buck. I would recommend this to all of my friends and their friends and their friends friends…

    - Luke