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KVUE TV (ABC) Article:

Designed for kids of all ages, a new attraction has arrived this summer just south of Austin. It’s a mile long slip n’ slide! Summer fun has begun as this inflatable water park is the biggest slip n slide in the world. Read more here.




San Antonio

San Antonio Business Journal Article:

The three-mile attraction features multiple slides and a variety of courses. This kids inflatable water park is fun for adults too. Just think of it as the world’s biggest slip n slide cause that’s what it exactly is! Read more.





CultureMap Article:

The world’s largest inflatable slip n slide is just outside Austin. Slide the Slopes is the perfect event for those looking for memorable, fun, and family-friendly summer activities. Read more.



  • “The most fun I’ve had in years! Fast, fun and WET! You can’t beat the thrill of rocketing down the slopes. Thanks again!”

    - John
  • Slide the Slopes was so fun!  The tubes make for a soft ride down the hill, we loved it!

    - Julie
  • Slide the Slopes was the highlight of my summer. As a college kid, trying to make every dollar count, this is the best bang for your buck. I would recommend this to all of my friends and their friends and their friends friends…

    - Luke