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Almost Done!

Save time and Skip the line when you arrive on-site by filling out your waiver now.  All participants are required to sign the waiver in order to participate in the event.

Sign the Waiver


There will be some walking between slides, so bring something comfortable that can get wet. Tennis shoes or sneakers work best.

We don’t recommend shoes that slide on and off and we can’t allow boots with hooks that could rip the slides.




  • “The most fun I’ve had in years! Fast, fun and WET! You can’t beat the thrill of rocketing down the slopes. Thanks again!”

    - John
  • Slide the Slopes was so fun!  The tubes make for a soft ride down the hill, we loved it!

    - Julie
  • Slide the Slopes was the highlight of my summer. As a college kid, trying to make every dollar count, this is the best bang for your buck. I would recommend this to all of my friends and their friends and their friends friends…

    - Luke